Evergreen Swimming Pool Construction

Some folks wonder if Evergreen has too short of a season for a swimming pool, but the fact is today there are many options that work great for mountain locations and this property is just one example of a pool we have built in the Colorado Rockies that stays open year round. With high efficiency heaters, solar panels and automatic pool and spa covers, water temperatures can easily be maintained and pools and spas remain open year round. Read more below...

This swimming pool above, located just 30 minutes west of Denver in Evergreen, Colorado sits nestled amongst the evergreens and Aspen trees in a  beautiful medieval style pool house, on a privately owned ranch. This Evergreen pool is 25’x40’ and is 4’ deep at either end of the pool, sloping to 5’ deep in the center. 

The pool has a Black Onyx Exposed Quartz finish by CL Industries®, a Coverstar® hydraulic pool cover system, an IntelliChlor chlorinator by Pentair Water® and an IntelliTouch i5S pool control system also by Pentair Water. Aquality Construction also built a water feature with three spouts that spill into a catch basin in the wall of the pool house and fountain located just outside the pool house.

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