FAQs and Tips for Colorado Pools

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a mix of sand, pea gravel, cement and water, shot in place to create your pool shell using compressed air. Sometimes referred to as pneumatically applied concrete, shotcrete gives us the ability to create free formed swimming pools, spas and water features.

How is a Shotcrete pool built?

A shotcrete pool or spa is custom built and very durable. After designing your pool, we excavate the site based on the soil conditions. Normally gravel is spread in the excavated area. Reinforcing rebar, tie wires, blocks and other forms are laid in place to further form the swimming pool, spa or water feature. Plumbing for the main drain, skimmers, returns and any other pipes are set, as well as electric conduit and lights are all roughed in. The shotcrete is shot into place and troweled to a semi-smooth finish. Around the rim of the pool, coping is put into place. This can be precast concrete of various colors, flagstone, tile or poured concrete. The tile of your choice is then installed to the water line, and often to the sides, bottom and more. Mosaics and accent tiles are then installed. When your swimming pool is ready to complete we will wash the shotcrete shell and add the plaster finish or upgraded finish such as all tile or color quartz of your choice. Your swimming pool will then be ready to fill with water and heated.

What does a swimming pool cost?

Pool costs vary. Cost depends on the location, condition of soil, size and complexity of features. Contact us to talk about your pool, your budget and how we can put it all together for you.

What does it take to maintain a pool?

With today's conveniences, owning a swimming pool and spa is easier than owning a car! Chemical testing and maintenance, cleaning and preprogrammed filtration and heating can all be automated if you choose to include these options during the construction phase. Automatic pool cleaners and various sanitation devices, along with an automatic cover make your swimming pool a pleasure to maintain.

Is a pool a good investment for the equity of my home?

Your pool will set your home apart from others in the mind of a potential buyer. A pool adds equity to the value of your home and quality to your home life. It is hard to put a price on that value.

Should I remodel or upgrade my pool?

Remodeling your old swimming pool will make a dramatic difference in the overall look, as well as reducing the maintenance and energy costs to maintain you pool.

What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity edge is a pool or spa with one or more sides having a "negative edge," meaning that it is even with the waters level in the pool. Water spills over the edge into a catch basin below, where it is pumped back into the pool or spa. The effect is absolutely breathtaking!

Should I add a spa to my pool?

A spa adds a new dimension to your outdoor relaxation. The warm water is comforting for adults and children alike and a spa is also a great way to add water features such as waterfalls and fiber optics.

What are some of the options that are available to add to my pool?

The “Green” technology of today has made owning a swimming pool a true pleasure. When you add innovative water treatment systems, automatic cleaning systems, remote controls and automatic pool covers you’re gaining more time for you and your family. Fiber optics, waterfalls, spas, water jets and tile or glass mosaics are just a few of the features that you could request to make your swimming pool uniquely your own.

Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance

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