Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pools

At Aquality Construction, we can help you make green choices about the equipment installed in your new pool. Not only will it benefit the environment, but in many cases you can reduce your operational expenses, lower water use, reduce equipment noise, while making the components of your pool lasts longer.

Ask Us About...

  • Pumps that can save 30% to 90% in utility costs annually and are whisper-quiet.
  • Heaters with best-in-class energy efficiency.
  • High performance filters that significantly reduce water usage.
  • Energy-efficient LED color-changing lighting.
  • Automatic chlorine generators that produce pure chlorine from ordinary table salt.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Digital automation systems should be part of any discussion of building a green swimming pool oasis. Today's systems allow pool owners to schedule cleaning and filtration cycles, so equipment will not run at a higher flow rate than necessary.  Some will even track usage history and inform ways to reduce energy consumption. Further energy return on investment (EROI) comes from cutting edge user friendly controls enabling home owners and service professionals alike to monitor and adjust equipment settings from their laptops, in-home remote controls, special LCD touch screens, smartphones including, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, etc.

Here are some of our favorite components that we have used in many environmentally friendly pool systems:

IntelliFloVS pumps
Clean & Clear Filter

Pool Covers

Keep your pool clean and energy efficient

These high tech covers make covering your pool a snap and help protect your investment. More info...

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